All About Table Tennis

Posted by ,Jan 8th 2021
All About Table Tennis

Table tennis takes the high-velocity action of volleying a bouncing ball indoors. Though the table and play area are smaller than outdoor tennis courts, this form of the game played on a table is no less exciting. In fact, you may not realize that table tennis is a highly competitive sport around the world. Find out more interesting facts about this game here.

Table Tennis Origins

Also known by the brand name Ping-Pong, table tennis has only been around for a century. It began as a tabletop version of lawn tennis after that game's rise in popularity in the 1880s. In fact, some of the earliest patents for tabletop tennis came during this decade.

Formalized play of this game began in the early 20th century and formalized with the founding of the Ping-Pong Association in 1902. It quickly spread from its country of origin in England to most of Europe. The game's popularity continued for years. In 1988, it even became an official sport in the Olympic Games and part of the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

What makes this unusual among the many Olympic sports is its availability to anyone. All you need is a table, paddles, and a ball and you, too, can enjoy the high-speed play.

Table Dimensions and Construction

Official tables used for Ping-Pong measure nine-by-five-feet and have a surface 2.5 feet above the ground. Because most homes lack the space to accommodate both a nine-foot table and playing room, you will typically find models for home use in six-foot or seven-foot lengths. This size also makes it easier for beginners and children to hit the ball over the net to the other side.


Many people play a "best of" match, in which the winner is the one who wins the most games in an odd number of games. For instance, in a "best of five" match, the winner would be the player first to win three out of five games. The winner each game is the first player to earn 11 points.

Add a Tennis Table to Your Home's Game Room

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