Back to School: Portable Outdoor Games to Take to College

Posted by ,Jul 30th 2021
Back to School: Portable Outdoor Games to Take to College

College isn’t all about study. You will be making friends and experiencing social activities and events, too. If you are like 19 million other students who are going back to college this fall, make sure to bring along outdoor games to enjoy between classes or on weekends in the open spaces around campus. These games can help you to pass the time, have more fun, and possibly meet new people. Plus, these games are all portable enough to stow away in your suitcase or car trunk to take to school.

Field Sports

If you are an active type that loves to get out and enjoy high-intensity sports, consider options such as disc golf, volleyball, or pickleball. These games often require setting up the nets or goals in large open areas. So, if you have a field or open park near your school, these field sports options are great for you.

Disc golf is a fun pastime that changes traditional golf to make it more affordable and more challenging. Instead of buying a full bag of golf clubs and buckets of balls, you only need a few throwing discs. These discs you toss toward the goal, using similar scoring rules to traditional golf. The game has become so popular that many public parks have full disc golf courses.

Volleyball is popular for beaches, but you can really play this game anywhere. With a portable set, you don’t need to have trees to string the net between. You only need enough space for the game.

Pickleball has similarities to badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It uses hollow balls with holes in them, which increases the difficulty of getting the ball to the desired speed. Plus the game requires wooden paddles, similar to table tennis. Like tennis, the net rests on the ground and you play the game outside. You hit balls over the net on a course the same size as one used for badminton. You may enjoy this portable alternative to tennis much more.

Party Games

If you will go to parties or host your own, consider outdoor party games. One option is cornhole, which is popular as a patio game at bars. This bean bag toss game has few rules, so it is easy to learn. However, the distance of the targets and the weights of the bags make it challenging for adults to play.

Another option for party games is horseshoes. This game is similar to cornhole in its mechanics. However, it uses heavier horseshoes aimed at a post.

Outdoor Games for Anywhere

If you want portable outdoor games to play on patios, at parties, or in a field, you have several choices. A multi-game bean bag setoffers three games in one set, maximizing your options. You might even want to have a baseball pitching rebound net to practice throwing or tetherball for a challenging, active game that doesn’t require much room to play.

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