Best Game Tables for Kids for Christmas

Posted by ,Dec 3rd 2021
Best Game Tables for Kids for Christmas

Looking for a gift for your kids this Christmas? Statistically, 17% of parents spend at least $200 per child. How long will those gifts that you purchase last? Why not consider something that will stand up to kids and time? Game tables for kids are good options for tough-to-shop-for children under 12. Check out these options to see which might best fit your kids’ tastes.

Multigame Game Tables for Kids

Kids' tastes often change as they grow. Therefore, you should consider game tables for kids that include several games within them. Multigame tables have up to seven games on one table. They take up less space and cost less compared to getting multiple tables. Plus, kids can try a variety of games to find out which they like the best.

Basketball Games

Not all game tables for kids have to take the form of tables. Basketball arcade games are great for kids because these don’t have the 10-foot-high baskets found on standard courts, which makes it easier for kids to succeed in making shots. Plus, these games have arcade features to turn shooting hoops into a fast-paced game, perfect for kids who have excessive amounts of energy to burn off.

Big Tabletop Games for Outdoor Play

Kids love to spend time outside. Why not shop for gaming options they can take with them? Giant versions of tabletop games such as quartto or tic-tac-toe make these games welcoming for all ages. Plus, the large pieces are easier to keep track of when kids play with these games outside.

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