Best Outdoor Games for Adults to Play

Posted by ,Jun 26th 2020
Best Outdoor Games for Adults to Play

Don't let kids have all the fun outside. As an adult, you can enjoy spending time outdoors with your friends, too. Games bring people together in ways that food and drinks don't. Whether throwing a party or just spending an afternoon on your patio, increase your fun outside by having on hand some of the best outdoor games for adults.

1. Cornhole

Less messy than beer pong and even more fun is the game of cornhole, also known as bean bag toss. This game is great for barbecue gatherings or just hanging out and drinking some beers. No wonder many outdoor bars have cornhole as a staple game.

2. Ring Toss

Many outdoor games are variations on those played by kids. For instance, this ring toss game is different from what you may remember from childhood. This version includes different scoring areas, making it closer to darts than to horseshoes. In this ring toss game, you need to have more strategy than just getting the rings over a random dowel. You must aim for the highest-scoring spot if you want to win.

3. Foosball

Love soccer but don't have the space in your yard or the athleticism to play a full game? Try foosball on a weather-resistant outdoor table instead. Keeping the table outside lets you cheer as loudly as you want when you score and not disturb those inside the house. You can enjoy the fast pace of soccer without breaking a window from a poorly kicked ball.

4. Table Tennis

Table tennis played by adults is a more intense game than the basic version played by kids. Often, adults who excel at this game will stand away from a table as they volley the ball over the net with extra zeal. To accommodate the additional space needed, store the table for play outside. Among outdoor games, table tennis is one that works best under a patio cover to keep players cool and prevent balls from flying off to nearby yards.

5. Croquet

Gather five other friends for a game of croquet. You only need a croquet set and the ability to hit a ball with a mallet through wickets. Thanks to weather-resistant wickets, you can leave the game set up if you have to retreat indoors from a rainstorm. Like many other outdoor games for adults, croquet offers the benefits of play for all skill levels.

6. Tether Ball

For backyard games, you may not have adequate space for a volleyball set. However, you can still enjoy hitting a ball around with other adults with a tether ball set. This portable option makes it easy to carry to picnics or tailgating parties in addition to leaving it in your backyard for impromptu fun.

Stock Your Backyard With the Best Outdoor Games for Adults

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