Best Pool Tables for Home Entertainment

Posted by ,Jul 24th 2020
Best Pool Tables for Home Entertainment

Investing in a pool table is a major choice, but how can you choose the best one for home entertainment in your house? With so many variations on the standard design, you need to know to look for certain attributes that will allow the table to fit best into your lifestyle. Here are some of the best tables for several different types of households that need home entertainment options.

Best for Outdoor Use

Pool tables don't have to be exclusively used inside. Not everyone has the space indoors to keep one of these tables or adequate room around a table for proper play.

You can still have a pool table outside, though, but you cannot just put any table outdoors. The materials most pool tables use for their construction do not do well in extreme temperatures or moisture levels. If you want a pool table for play on a patio or in your backyard, you need a table designed for the task.

This 8-foot Alpine table features UV-resistant and waterproof felt to stand up to any conditions. As a regulation-sized table, you can enjoy tournament-level play outside. Its rugged construction keeps the surface level, regardless of the weather you play in.

If you can't imagine home entertainment without a pool table but lack the room indoors for one, pick the Alpine pool table for quality, outdoor play.

Best for Variety

Expand your home entertainment expectations beyond a pool table with the Matrix variety 7-in-1 gaming table. This table includes pool, foosball, table tennis, chess, backgammon, and glide hockey. If you have a family with members who have varying tastes, this may be the best option to fulfill all their gaming desires.

This table can serve as a means of introducing family members to pool. Measuring at 54 inches, the Matrix game table packs a lot of variety into a small space. While it's perfect for a kids' game room, it may not suffice if you prefer playing pool on a regulation-sized table. However, it can serve as an additional pool table in your home to have multiple games going at once. You can have your own 8-foot table for tournament-level play while letting your kids play on this Matrix multi-game table.

Best for Smaller Spaces

Not everyone has space for an 8-foot table. But, even if you live in a small apartment, you can still reap the home entertainment benefits of a pool table. Smaller tables also are better for those new to the game or children.

The Fairmont table measures six feet long and folds for easy storage. Everything you need for play comes with the table – pool cues, balls, rack, chalk, and a storage bag.

Unlike other compact pool tables, the Fairmont lets you fold it up to stow away in a closet, meaning that you don't have to worry about a pool table taking up space in a room when you're not playing.

If you love pool but lack space, consider the Fairmont table as a space-saving home entertainment option.

Best for Aesthetic Appeal

For many with dedicated pool rooms, the table must add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. For an elegant option, consider the 8-foot Montecito pool table.

With a design mimicking the timeless beauty of driftwood, this table also offers a superior play surface. With K-66 gum rubber for the cushions, the balls have a predictable bounce and spin during play. Leg levelers ensure the table maintains a level playing area, regardless of the flooring you place it on. Additionally, the engineered wood surface closely resembles the play offered by slate at a fraction of the weight and installation problems.

For a pool table that adds entertainment and beauty to your home, you can't go wrong with the Montecito table.

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