Build a Man Cave for Everyone and All Ages

Posted by ,Aug 21st 2020
Build a Man Cave for Everyone and All Ages

A man cave isn't just for men. These spaces in the home are getaway sites where people can relax, have fun, and just be themselves. Think of a man cave as a modern version of a rec room. If you want to build a man cave for yourself where anyone can enter and have fun, consider outfitting the room with gaming tables that appeal to a variety of skills and tastes. You'll have more options for your friends and family to play and a room of the home that everyone can enjoy, men and women and young and old.

What Makes a Man Cave?

Commonly, a man cave is a space that a person fills with their hobbies and games. Some people make these places into wood workshops while others prefer creating movie-theater quality home theaters.

Most, though, have some type of game in these rooms. You don't have to have limit yourself to console games, though. While you can devote a corner of the room to television and console, don't forget screen-free alternatives that you can play.

Games for a Man Cave

To determine which games you want in your man cave, consider several factors. First, think about what you enjoy playing. Do you prefer air hockey or pool? Do you like poker or shuffleboard? Get the type of game table that you most want first because the space will be yours to enjoy.

Second, consider who else will play games in the room. Do you have adult friends that you want to host in your recreation space? Are you a parent with younger children? Do you want to play at your gaming tables with your partner?

For adults, you may want a poker table that can seat several people comfortably. If you want to play games with your kids, opt for kid-friendly choices such as air hockey or basketball. For playing games with your partner, find two-player game tables, such as shuffleboard or pool.

What Else Does Your Man Cave Need?

Other things to include in your man cave include chairs and tables for seating. Often, in gaming areas, the chairs have elevated seats to allow people to watch over the surface of a game table. Also, raised chairs are more comfortable if you have pub tables or a bar. A bar for pouring drinks (alcoholic or non, depending on your preference) is not the most common furnishing for a man cave but it makes a great, upscale addition. Even if you don't want a full bar, at least have a well-stocked refrigerator with snacks and drinks ready.

Your Man Cave Isn't Complete Until You Say It Is

Your gaming space should be a comfortable place where you can relax for several hours without having to leave. If you want to keep it constantly changing by adding a new game table each year instead of buying several at once, you can do so. The cost will spread out over time, and you won't get bored because you will have new tables regularly in your space.

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