Buying Guide to Find the Best Pool Tables for Sale

Posted by ,Apr 30th 2020
Buying Guide to Find the Best Pool Tables for Sale
If you have never shopped for a pool table before, you might feel overwhelmed when you recognize the number of options and variations. There are certain aspects of a pool table you need to examine when comparing models and choosing your final purchase. These traits of a quality pool table require looking at the following components:
  1. Table dimensions
  2. Non-sloping playing surface
  3. Level legs
  4. Low-vibration rails and cushions
  5. Accompanying accessories
  6. Warranty options

1. Table Dimensions

Pool tables typically come in seven-foot or eight-foot lengths. The latter is a professional playing size while the former is for casual play. Measure the space that you will dedicate to your new pool table to determine which size your room can accommodate. When calculating if you have enough space for an eight-foot table, you must add the length of the playing area to a regular cue length of 58 inches plus six extra inches for cue movement. So, for an eight-foot table, you should have a room measuring at least 14 feet, 4 inches by 18 feet. If you have a seven-foot table, you need to have 8 feet, 7 inches by 11 feet, 10 inches.  

2. Non-Sloping Playing Surface 

Look for a non-sloping playing surface. Many pool tables use slate as the standard surface material. Slate is a type of rock that creates smooth, non-warping sheets, ideal for playing pool. If the surface has a slate composition, look for slate measuring at least 3/4-inches thick. If you prefer a more professional feel, choose slate measuring at least 1-inch thick, which is the type used for tournament play. For felt that covers the slate, look for glued and screwed felt that holds tighter to the surface. Felt with a higher percentage of wool lasts longer and allows for faster travel of the ball due to the combing of the wool before the production of the felt.  

3. Leveling Legs 

The legs support the weight of the pool table and should hold the surface level. Look for integrated leg levelers in the pool table to keep the surface flat, regardless of where you set up the table.  

4. Low-Vibration Rails and Cushions 

The cushions should have a heavy construction that does not vibrate significantly when a ball hits it. Look for K-66 profile cushions made from gum rubber for long-lasting predictable gameplay. This type of cushion and rail construction has a lower chance of becoming a "dead rail."  

5. Accompanying Accessories 

If you don't have any pool accessories, finding a table that includes them will give you a good start. This factor may be the lowest level criteria when choosing a pool table because you can always purchase your own cues, pool balls, and other accessories. However, if you want an all-in-one kit to get started, choosing a table with accessories is the best option.  

6. Warranty Options 

Lastly, you will want a warranty to protect your investment. Warranties can vary in length and what they cover, so read the information about the table's warranty carefully before finalizing your purchase.  

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