Caring for Your New Pool Table

Posted by ,May 16th 2020
Caring for Your New Pool Table

Make your investment in your pool table last for years by learning the best practices for caring and maintaining the table. Teach everyone who uses the table these guidelines for use to prevent damage and ensure long-term use. Whether you have your pool table in a bar, at home, or on a patio, caring for it needs to become a priority.

Avoid High-Humidity Storage Locations 

The table needs to stay in proper conditions to avoid damage to its playing surface. Stored improperly, your pool table can develop problems from high humidity exposure. If you keep a pool table outside, do so in low-humidity environments and protect it from rain.

First, pool tables in humid conditions have higher rolling resistance. This causes balls to spin and move slower across the table than normally. Additionally, the initial draw shot becomes more difficult because the cloth has a higher friction coefficient due to moisture absorption.

Secondly, the balls don't move as expected because dirt and moisture affect the actions of the balls and cushions.

Choosing a table designed for outdoor use with waterproof felt may mitigate the problems caused by excessive moisture.

Use the Table Wisely 

Whenever you use the table, you need to keep several tips in mind to extend the life of the table and its surface.

First, never sit on the rails. This action puts stress on the connections between the rails and cushions. Over time, the cushions will loosen, affecting gameplay as the balls don't bounce off them as expected.

Next, do not chalk your cue over the felt of the playing surface. Like moisture, too much chalk on the surface can build up and affect gameplay. Furthermore, to protect the surface from dust and spills when you do not need to play, keep the pool table covered when not in use.

Schedule a regular time to rinse off the balls with water or to wash them with soap and water. Keeping the balls clean reduces the buildup of chalk and dirt on the cloth that can slow movement over time.

Lastly, use a gentle vacuum that does not have a brush to clean off the felt. Brush vacuums or those designed for use on floors have too much suction and will cause damage to the felt. In between vacuuming sessions, brush down the felt with a lightly dampened, lint-free cloth.

Chores After Each Game 

After each game, wipe off the rails and brush off the table surface. Doing so following each game will remove chalk from these areas.

Cover the pool table with a protective covering that prevents dust from accumulating.

Store all pool equipment properly in a designated area. Proper storage of cues and balls keeps these parts from getting lost or damaged.

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