Consider a Convertible Pool Table for a Small Spaces

Posted by ,May 23rd 2020
Consider a Convertible Pool Table for a Small Spaces

Not everyone has room to devote to multiple game tables. In fact, if you want a pool table but cannot sacrifice the space for a single-use item, consider a convertible table. Discover what makes this option great for smaller spaces like basements, apartments, game rooms, and garages.

Minimum Space Needs for a Pool Table

When choosing a pool table, you need a minimum amount of space on all sides of the table. Without enough space, you may not be able to draw the cue back enough for a shot or see the alignment of balls on the surface. Ideally, you will need at least five feet on all sides of the table for room to maneuver yourself and the cue. Therefore, if you want an eight-foot table, you will need considerably more space compared to a seven-foot table.

Space Limitations Should Not Reduce Enjoyment 

Having a lack of space for a room dedicated to playing pool should not mean that you have to forgo purchasing a table. With a convertible pool table, as long as you have enough space around the area for moving the pool cue, you can place a pool table anywhere. Unlike standard pool tables, convertible models have a cover that hides the playing surface and changes the use from a pool table to either a table tennis surface or a dining table. The options will depend on the model of convertible pool table you choose.

If you have a two-car garage, its standard dimensions may be 24-feet-by-24-feet. If you want to use half the space for storage or keeping a car, the remaining 12-feet-by-12-feet will suffice for play around a seven-foot pool table. Even if you only have a single-car garage, most measure either 12-feet-by-24-feet or 14-feet-by-28-feet.

With a convertible seven-foot pool table, the top can cover the pool playing area for an extra dining space. You can also flip the top to turn it into a ping-pong table. This multi-use feature transforms a game room into a playroom for kids or teenagers where they can do homework, eat snacks, play pool, or enjoy Ping-Pong. The same uses work well for adults, too.

Hidden Seating and Storage Under the Table 

To get the maximum use from a three-in-one pool table, it should include seating that hides under the table. Benches with the table allow for seating when using the table for dining, but these hide completely under the surface to not disturb gameplay when using the table for pool or table tennis. Additionally, on this pool table, the benches have hidden storage compartments for even smarter use of limited space.

Find Multiple Use Gaming Tables, Pool Tables, and More 

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