Design an Adult Game Room Getaway

Posted by ,Apr 9th 2021
Design an Adult Game Room Getaway

Adults have different tastes from children and teens. Therefore, a game room for grownups needs to have a setting that makes adults feel more comfortable gathering in. Create the ultimate adult game room getaway to enjoy alone, as a couple, or with a group of friends.

Choose Game Tables for Adult Tastes and Skills

Adults don’t typically have the same game table preferences as kids. Therefore, you should find adult game room tables that suit more grown-up tastes. Plus, adult game tables are full-sized to accommodate taller adults, rather than game tables for kids that have smaller proportions.

For instance, consider a full-sized, eight-foot pool table in fine driftwood for a sophisticated appearance and high-quality gameplay. You don’t have to be a professional pool player to appreciate a well-made table with a good playing surface.

Another type of adult game table is the classic poker table. Investing in a genuine poker table instead of cramming the game around a dining table improves gameplay, keeps cards from slipping off the surface, and allows for space for poker chips and drinks. Some poker tables even convert to dining tables to save space.

Don’t Forget the Bar in an Adult Game Room

An adult game room should have a bar to prepare drinks for friends who come to relax. Including a bar in a home game room gives the space a speakeasy vibe, especially if you furnish the area with cozy barstools and other seating.

The bar doesn’t have to only be for alcoholic drinks, even for teetotaling adults, keeping sodas and other beverages nearby keeps the gaming fun from ending when thirst sets in.

Provide Seating for Yourself and Your Guests in the Game Room

Your game room should have furniture that looks like it belongs in a space for adults. Consider bar sets with a table and chairs or spectator chairs for those who want to watch others play at the gaming table. In addition to a bar, have barstools next to it for people to sit and drink. A couch or loveseat can provide more comfortable seating for those who prefer to lounge.

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