Different Sizes of Pool Tables

Posted by Best Pool Table For Sale ,Sep 13th 2022
Different Sizes of Pool Tables

Pool tables are for all gaming enthusiasts who don't want to go outside but enjoy gaming at home. Suppose you have decided to buy a pool table for your home, visit the physical or online market, but you will be stuck somewhere. Somewhere at a point where you will be unable to pick up the right size. Yes, pool tables are available in different sizes for beginners and professionals. However, knowing about the different sizes is crucial.

Furthermore, the miniature pool tables are designed for kids so that your kids don't feel alone. The most common sizes of pool tables are 9' by 4.5', 7' by 3.5', and 8' by 4'. Different sizes offer distinctive features and benefits. Read the complete guide to know about the sizes of the pool table in detail.

Common Pool Table Sizes

Recall that they are available in different sizes and used in unique places. The applications include homes, pool halls, bars, and more. Let's have a look at the details:

The pool table 7' by 3.5' has a playing area of 78" by 39."

The pool table 8' by 4' has a playing area of 88" by 44" and is mostly used for homes.

The pool table 8.5' by 4.25' has a playing area of 99" by 45."

The pool table 9' by 4.5' has a playing area of 100" by 50".

It has been observed that the width of the pool table is almost half of its length. Therefore, most customers ask about the width of the pool table while purchasing.

Dimensions of The Pool Table

Did you know the dimensions of a pool table are different from the length & width of a pool table? The reason is that the length and width are the overall pool table size. However, the size of the playing area is another thing. Therefore, knowing the concept of dimensions and L&W is important.

Most Common Size of Pool Table

Do you know what the most common sizes of pool tables are? The answer is pretty simple. An 8-foot pool table is considered as the most common size of the pool table. In actuality, the size is 8.5,' but it is called an 8-foot pool table. They are highly suitable and purchased by the customers. Likewise, the 7-foot pool table is also the most common but most loved by people. They come with the operation of coins and allow more people to play together. Usually, they are used in bars.

Size of Regulation Pool Table

Most people confuse the term "Regulation Size" pool table. Everyone knows that 9-foot pool tables are used by professional players for tournaments. However, no size is specified for professional players. Similarly, a regulation pool table has a playing surface twice its width.

Which Pool Table Is Best For you?

Due to the many available sizes, it's hard to choose the right one for you. We have listed the important aspect that will help you pick up the most suitable unit for you.

Player Preferences

Besides the other aspects, knowing your preferences is necessary. On what size table do you feel comfortable playing? Do you feel aches or fatigue while playing or not? It depends on the size of the pool table you select.

Available Space

You can't change the available space but buy a pool table according to that. Therefore, the size of the room matters. Keep the renovation area in mind while considering the space. There should be a room of 5 feet around the table for easy playing.

Final Words

In conclusion, it's all about the pool table size and other preferences. The selection of the size depends on your budget, home size, and, most importantly, your personal preferences. Make sure you have considered all these points before making a purchase.