Do You Have to Have a Home Game Room to Get a Pool Table?

Posted by ,Jun 4th 2021
Do You Have to Have a Home Game Room to Get a Pool Table?

Do you really need to have a dedicated home game room if you want to have a pool table? The answer is not a simple yes or no. While having a game room can help, you may be able to find space for your pool table. Consider the following if you want a pool table but don’t have a spare room for a home game room.

Space Available in an Open Area

You don’t have to put a pool table into a game room. In fact, anywhere that you have enough space for the pool table, you can install one. Some homes with great rooms may have ample space for a pool playing area and a seating area. If you want to know if you have enough space for a pool table in your home, consider the size of the table and the space around it.

First, larger tables and longer cues require more space. For instance, if you want a nine-foot table and use a 58-inch cue, you will need a space that measures at least 18-feet by 13-feet, 10-inches. However, when you use a 52-inch cue, you can decrease each dimension by one foot to 17-feet by 12-feet, 10-inches. For an eight-foot pool table, you should have a space of at least 17-feet by 13-feet, 4-inches for a 58-inch cue. And seven-foot tables need 16-feet, 2-inches, by 12-feet, 11-inches for a 58-inch cue.

Outdoor or Garage Gaming

If you don’t have enough space in your home for a pool table inside, you can choose a smaller table, such as a six-foot or seven-foot model, or place it in your garage or on a patio. When using a pool table outside, though, you cannot choose any model. In fact, standard pool tables with felt tops and wooden construction can warp or crack in moisture extremes and temperature ranges. Plus, the material on the surface does not have UV protection to prevent it from bleaching in the sun.

To solve these problems, look for outdoor pool tables. These tables are made with the same care as options for indoor use but have a sturdier construction and extra protection against the elements.

What About Apartment Dwellers?

If you don’t have a garage or space for a pool table, you may want to invest your money now in a quality pool cue for playing at a local bar or pool hall. Having a good cue that offers the right response from the balls and allows you to have control is worth the time and monetary investment. Once you move into a place with enough space for a game room or garage pool table, you can get your own pool table to play in the comfort of your home.

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