Games for Parties for All Ages

Posted by ,Aug 13th 2021
Games for Parties for All Ages

Having a party means planning things for people to do while there. Even adults appreciate having activities nearby to make socializing easier. However, unless you have a pool, you may find yourself strapped for games for parties to appeal to all ages. How about some outdoor and patio games that you can pull out whenever you want to make your gathering more fun?

Games for Kids Parties Beyond Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Kids today have more active tastes at parties than pin the tail on the donkey. Provide them with games for parties that keep them moving. When your younger party guests stay active, they will remain engaged with the party and avoid finding trouble on their own.

For younger kids, games with balls are great options. Consider a basketball rebound kit to let kids practice shooting hoops without chasing the ball to get it back. Outdoor air hockey tables are another great choice. For more sedate kids who want to play quieter games, a giant four-in-a-row game will keep them happy. 

Benefits of Games for Parties at Teen Gatherings

By having games for your teens’ parties, you can help to avoid drinking and drug use. Teen parties present a high risk for alcohol use. In fact, in a survey of California teens, 39% reported drinking alcohol at their last party. Providing constant adult supervision and alternative activities to drinking may help to prevent teen alcohol use at the next party you have for your kids.

Activities can include games that require physical and mental alertness. You may consider some of the following outdoor games or sports:

Parties for Adults and Games to Play

Adults don’t want to only drink and talk at parties. Having games at your next adult gathering can ensure that everyone has fun. Plus, when people play games together, they are more likely to open up and converse with each other. Fun games for parties for adults include cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, and more.

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