Gaming Accessories for Protecting Your Game Tables to Last a Lifetime

Posted by ,Nov 13th 2020
Gaming Accessories for Protecting Your Game Tables to Last a Lifetime

When you invest in a game table, you want it to last for years of fun. However, if you neglect its care, you may find yourself needing to replace it sooner than you wanted. With the right gaming accessories to protect and maintain your tables, you can extend their lives and save money over time.

Protecting the Surface

Pool tables need protective covers to keep the felt from collecting dust or sustaining damage. But, did you know that other types of gaming tables also need protective coverings? For example, if you have a shuffleboard table, you will need to keep the surface covered with a specially shaped shuffleboard table covering. The cover can reduce the amount of time that you spend waxing the table by keeping dust and scratches off the surface.

Foosball table covers also have specific dimensions to accommodate the various sizes of foosball tables. For instance, you have options of 56-inch covers and 54-inch covers. The closer the table cover matches the dimensions of the table, the better it will fit. A tightly-fitting cover will avoid problems such as falling off or not covering the entire surface area.

Improve Gameplay

If you want to improve gameplay for tables like shuffleboard, you need wax to reduce friction on the surface. The application of shuffleboard wax allows you to have better control over the pucks during a game. With the right amount of wax on the surface, you can increase the speed of the pucks. Plus, the wax helps to protect the surface.

However, you should also invest in a shuffleboard brush to remove wax between rounds or after each game. Well-made brushes will quickly and efficiently remove wax off the surface of the board.

Replace Lost Parts

Most table games will eventually require replacements for lost parts. For instance, you may lose pucks for shuffleboard or need additional strikers for air hockey. Even the balls used for foosball can fall from the table and get lost or damaged, requiring replacement. You can find all these and more among our gaming accessories.

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