Go Beyond Pool Tables for a Game Room: Home Gaming Tables You May Not Know About

Posted by ,Feb 5th 2021
Go Beyond Pool Tables for a Game Room: Home Gaming Tables You May Not Know About

If you want to outfit a home game room, you should have gaming tables. But, you don't only have to have a pool table in your recreation space. There are several other types of in-home tables that you may not know about. Check out these lesser-known gaming tables for your home.


Skeeball or arcade ball is related to shuffleboard and darts. You must roll a ball up a ramp and get it into one of several rings. This arcade and boardwalk favorite can now be a part of your home game room. Plus, you never have to worry about your home game eating tokens as the machines at the arcade often do.


Arcade basketball give you one or two-player hoops-shooting action from your home. With options that include machines to keep score or offer multiple games, you can choose a basketball game for your home that will provide you with endless hours of fun.

Air Hockey

Another game that provides fun for all ages is air hockey. The rules are simple but the challenge of keeping up with the high-speed puck remains high. If you want a gaming table that can get your heart racing, you need to add an air hockey table to your list.

Giant Board Games

Even old-fashioned board games become more enjoyable when you make them jumbo. For fun indoors or out, include in your game room giant dice, oversized tic-tac-toe, massive four-in-a-row, or a tower stacking wooden block game. These large-size games will add a new dimension to the fun in your family room, rec room, or game room.

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