Helpful Guide To Pool Table Care & Maintenance

Posted by Best Pool Tables For Sale ,Jul 6th 2022
Helpful Guide To Pool Table Care & Maintenance

If you have made a good investment in buying a quality pool table, you surely don’t want to waste it. Taking care of the pool table in your house is crucial in order to get long-lasting performance. Some people only wipe out the wooden part of the table and think that it’s done. Maintaining a pool table is more than this.

This short guide is for you if you are struggling with maintaining your home pool table. Check out the experts’ tips and procedures to take care of your home pool table. Let’s get deeper into the details!

1. Clean The Table Cloth

After playing each game with your friends or family, clean the table cloth thoroughly. It helps eliminate the chalk from the cloth and prevents sticking into it. Getting help from a soft brush specialized for the pool table is a good option to avoid any damage.

Remember to brush the table cloth always in one direction as it will help you clean it perfectly. If you are still unsatisfied with the cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner. The crevice tool is another good option if you have it at home. Don’t use hard brushes included with the vacuum; otherwise, it will ruin the cloth.

2. Clean The Cabinet

Cleaning the cabinets is equally important as the table cloth. If you polish your cabinets, it’s not really a good option. Instead, use any dry, soft, and lint-free cloth and start cleaning it properly. When you visit the market, you can choose between numerous types of such clothes.

You can dampen the soft cloth in the corners if some residue is left behind in tight spaces. It will help you get rid of the grunge and all the residue. Don’t forget to check the wood type and manufacturer’s instructions if you want to use a wet cloth.

3. Clean The Pockets

The leather pockets look wonderful but clean them using a leather cleaner. Apply a high-quality leather cleaner using a soft cloth, rub it well, and you are done with cleaning the pool table pockets.

4. Clean The Balls

When you use chalk, the balls collect a certain amount of chalk on the surfaces. It’s also a natural factor that your hands leave residue whenever you touch the balls. Therefore, it’s recommended to wipe out the ball with a cleaner after each game. Commercial billiard ball cleaners are highly recommended as they remove all the dust, grease, or residue. Prevent using silicone-based products and waxes.

5. Minimize The Sunlight Exposure

If you like to play outdoors and it has been exposed to sunlight, it’s not good for the table. Try to minimize the sunlight exposure to the table by investing in light-blocking drapes. Not only this but try to reduce the sunlight exposed indoors from the windows. Otherwise, the sunlight will weaken the cloth, causing it to fade away the cloth’s color and destroy it as a whole.

6. Reduce Moisture

Moisture is another significant reason, especially in winters. The humidity destroys the wood and also causes cloth damage. Therefore, try to remove the moisture on a daily basis.

7. Always Keep Your Pool Table Covered

When you are done with all the tips, don’t forget to cover it all the time when it is spare. It will act as a filter and prevent dust from entering. We hope you will find these tips helpful in keeping the pool table fine and clean.