Home Gaming Beyond Consoles

Posted by ,Aug 28th 2020
Home Gaming Beyond Consoles

If you or your kids always seem to be gaming on consoles or the computer, bring something else into the home to reduce screen time. Home gaming can go beyond video games to activities that require in-person interaction, hand-eye coordination, and skill-building. Check out options to have in your home for fun without the screen.

Why Less Screen Time Is Better

Screen time can have a detrimental effect on mental health in children and adolescents. A study of  40,000 kids and teens found a correlation between more screen time and a drop in mental health. Those who spent more than seven hours a day on screens had twice the chance of having a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, treatment from a mental health professional, or taken medication for a psychological condition. Even those who used screens for four hours a day had lower mental health wellbeing. But the reduction was not to the degree of those who had higher screen times.

Even adults can have harmful impacts of too much screen time. In a study from Australia of almost 3,800 adults found that those who spent the most time using screens and had the lowest levels of physical activity were more likely to report poor or fair health and have more sick days.

Instead of allowing your family to come home from school or work where they use a computer or phone all day to play video games, offer them alternatives to give them minds and eyes a rest from screen use.

Alternatives to Video Games

Video games add to the screen time that accumulates throughout the day. From checking social media in the morning to texting during the day, you have constant screen time. As noted, less screen time is healthier for both children and adults, but you have to have an alternative to your games and other screen-based activities.

Set up a game room in your home for home gaming that doesn't require screens. In the game room, set up activities that let your family members play either alone or with others. Games like arcade basketball only need one player. Therefore, your kids won't have to wait for someone else to be free to enjoy screen-free home gaming.

Multi-player games teach everyone who plays how to be good winners and losers. Online video game chats have anonymous players who feel free to say hurtful things. But playing games in person requires knowing how to think about the other person's feelings before speaking. By playing games with others in-person, participants learn how to interact with their friends and family. The skills learned while playing at a home gaming table with others cannot be found elsewhere.

Screen-Free Home Gaming Options for a Healthier Family

When you have game tables in your home, you can help protect your and your family's mental health. With games such as air hockey, pool, and table tennis, you will have screen-free home gaming options for whenever boredom strikes. Find these game tables and much more at Best Pool Tables for Sale.