How Digital Basketball Scoring Systems Work

Posted by ,May 29th 2020
How Digital Basketball Scoring Systems Work

You may have seen arcade-style basketball games in gaming rooms or at bars. Now, you can own one of these games in your home that allows for competitive two-player rounds. In fact, you will find models that offer up to eight different games. But, did you ever wonder how these devices work to accurately keep score of the baskets you make? Wonder no more.

Two Ways of Counting Baskets 

Most arcade-style basketball games have two methods for counting baskets. Both of these methods have merits. When choosing your basketball game, you will need to determine which will work better for your home.

First, the most traditional means of counting baskets is through a lever installed inside the rim. When a basketball goes through the hoop, it depresses the lever, which sends an electronic signal to the scoreboard to add two points to the tally. This traditional means of tracking baskets scored works well in homes that need a sturdy, time-tested method for monitoring the scores.

The second means of counting baskets uses a pair of electronic sensors. One sensor is above the rim while the other is below. The basketball must pass both sensors for the score to count. This means works well if you have access to an AC outlet to avoid problems with lower power affecting the sensors.

How These Systems Keep Score 

Both types of basketball games offer electronic scoring. Whenever the score counter in the rim triggers the scoreboard, it changes the score based on which basket the ball when into, if you have a two-player game.

The scoreboards have the same power source as the goal counter. Some games use batteries, but ideally, you will have access to a power outlet nearby for constant electricity that does not wear out. When possible, use the AC power adapter for your basketball game to get long-lasting accurate scoring from the scoreboard and counter.

Sizes of the Basketballs for the Game Matter

Most home basketball games do not use regulation-sized basketballs. Instead, these arcade games use size 3 basketballs, also known as mini balls, which measure 7-inches across. The sensors or levers used in the basketball scoring system have a calibration set for the size and weight of these balls. Larger balls may not fit, and smaller balls may not trigger the sensors or lever properly.

Because these often use smaller 7-inch balls, these games make a great choice for kids' gaming rooms. However, even adults can enjoy using the smaller balls because they only need one hand to toss into the basket, due to their smaller size. Because regulation basketball rims measure 18 inches across, you cannot use full-sized basketballs in the 12-inch rims used for these arcade games.

Get an Arcade-Style Basketball Game for Your Home 

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