How to Choose Between a 7-Foot and an 8-Foot Pool Table

Posted by ,Jun 5th 2020
How to Choose Between a 7-Foot and an 8-Foot Pool Table

The first major decision you need to make when looking for a pool table is to determine the size you need. While at first glance, a foot of difference in length does not seem like a major difference, however, when it does make a large change in the amount of space you need. Are you wondering how to choose between a seven-foot and an eight-foot pool table? Follow these guidelines to make the process easier.

Space Available 

The biggest concern when choosing a pool table is to verify that you have adequate space in your home for it. If you choose a pool table that barely fits into your home, you may not have enough room to move around the table or draw a cue back enough for a shot.

Your first step, therefore, should be measuring the space that you will have. For whatever pool table size that you choose, you will need at least five feet per side. For a seven-foot-long table, you will need 17 feet along the length. An eight-foot-long table requires 18 feet of space. Check the width measurements of the tables that you have under consideration and add five feet to each side, or 120 inches, to determine if you have a wide enough space.

If you have enough space for either an 8-foot or a 7-foot table, you now have other things to think about. Once you know the size of pool table that you have room for, you can choose a table based on the type of pool player you are and other factors.

Pool Player Type 

What type of a pool player are you? Do you want to practice for tournament play? Or perhaps you want a pool table that matches regulation sizes. If this is the case, you will need an 8-foot table. The World Pool-Billiard Association notes that regulations-length tables must measure 92-inches-by-46-inches (8-foot table) or 100-inches-by-50-inches (9-foot table). Because these dimensions only account for the playing area and don't include the cushions, the total length of the pool table is longer.

Should you prefer a table for a bar area, a 7-foot pool table would suffice. In fact, this size frequently goes by the term "bar size." This size of the pool table best suits casual play for families or groups who do not require the extra size of a professional table. Smaller tables may be better for beginning pool players who do not need to hit the balls as far as on an 8-foot-long table.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Pool Table 

Other factors to think about include if you need to use the floor space for anything else. If you require a table in that space, too, consider a convertible pool table that increases the number of uses you get from the area you keep the table in.

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