How to Make the Ultimate Game Room

Posted by ,Aug 7th 2020
How to Make the Ultimate Game Room

A spare room offers many opportunities for renovation. One thing that you can do with the space is turn it into the ultimate game room. To make the space as enjoyable as possible, you will need gaming tables, proper lighting, and furnishings to make the room a great getaway in your home.

Choose Your Décor

First, you will need to decide whether you want a kid-friendly themed room or an elegant adult gaming space. The type of décor you want will make finding gaming tables to fit into your plan easier.

For example, if you want a game room for kids, choose games with brightly colored tables and durable designs. Bold colors work well in the high-energy environment of a kids' play place.

Should you prefer a more understated game room that has a quiet beauty, consider wooden gaming tables, furnishings, and accessories. Choose matching colors that pair with the trim or walls in your game room. For instance, if you have mahogany trim around your doors or for built-in shelving, choose that finish for your gaming tables, too. Options for an adult gaming room may include solid wood poker and pool tables.

Add Gaming Tables

Once you know the basic theme of the room, you will need to start turning the space from an empty area into a game room. Choose gaming tables to meet the abilities, ages, and tastes of those who will use them.

For kids and active adults, consider an indoor basketball hoop with electronic games. Table tennis is another good option for those who have a lot of extra energy they need to burn off in a game room. Air hockey and foosball are other options for those who demand fast-paced games to compete with the intensity of video games.

Adults who want a quieter gaming experience may prefer pool tables or poker tables for group play that allows for conversation, too. You may also prefer any of a number of tabletop games such as backgammon, chess, cards, dominos, poker, or others.

Furnish the Game Room

Often, the gaming tables are the largest pieces in the room, so you will need to arrange them first, allowing enough space around the tables for people to play without hitting walls or spectators.

Once you have the tables where you want them, add furnishings to the game room for people to sit on and accessories to rest between games. Spectator chairs, pub tables, and pool accessory holders are among the furnishings you will need to outfit your game room with.

Arrange Lighting for Fun and Functionality

Lastly, bring supplemental light into the room. You may need dedicated lamps over gaming tables to reduce glare and ensure all players can see properly. With games such as poker and pool, the lighting makes a difference in the fairness and enjoyment of gameplay.

For more arcade-like games, consider neon lighting on the sides of the room to create a more casual environment that lets the lights of the game shine.

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