How to Move a Pool Table Safely

Posted by ,Jun 12th 2020
How to Move a Pool Table Safely

Owning a pool table offers play for years, however, during your ownership of the table, you may need to move it. Whether you want to rearrange your home, change the room where you play pool, or need to move your entire household, you must take precautions when changing your pool table's location. Due to the heft of the table and its intricate construction, failing to move it correctly could cause irreparable damage. Don't let your investment in fun break during your next move. Use these methods for safely moving your pool table.

Take Apart the Table 

Yes, you must take apart your pool table before moving it. Trying to move an intact table is both difficult and dangerous. Pool tables typically weight hundreds of pounds, due to their solid construction. Taking the table apart protects the table from movers dropping it. Those who must move the table will also appreciate not having to lift several hundred pounds at once.

When you take the table apart, you should also remove the felt. A staple remover can help this chore. Taking off the felt keeps it protected from scratches and other damage during the move. If you choose to rip it off instead of carefully removing it or leave it in place, you may need to buy a replacement piece of felt after getting the table to its final destination.

Keep the components of the table organized and labeled to make reconstructing the pool table easier You do not want to lose parts of the table during the move.

Box up the smaller parts of the pool table, and wrap the legs and table surface with moving blankets or other cushioning material. Now, your table is ready for moving.

Bring Your Friends or Hire Movers 

Even after taking the table apart, you still will need help to move the heavy pieces. If you have very good friends to help, ask them. This option works especially well if you only need to move the pool table to another room of your house.

However, you may consider hiring movers instead for insurance against damage to your pool table or other furnishings. This option is better if you must move to another home and need help with your other belongings, too.

Take Measurements and Clear Out Space 

Before picking up a single piece of the pool table to move it. Take measurements of all open doorways, stairwells, hallways, and rooms where you will move the table through or into. Make sure you have enough space to maneuver the pool table pieces to their final location. Remember, just as your pool table needed five feet of space on all sides in its original location, you still need the same amount of room in its new space.

Set Up Your Pool Table in Its New Location 

Once you have all the parts of the pool table in its new site, you can set it back up. Reverse the procedure you followed for taking the pool table apart.

Do You Need a New Pool Table? 

Maybe instead of moving your old pool table, you want to upgrade to a new one. Or you can add a pool table to your home so you won't have to fight with other family members over who gets to use the table. Whenever you feel ready to get another pool table, trust us at A&C Billiards and Barstools to offer you a selection of quality pool tables for your gaming space.