How to Play Tetherball

Posted by ,Mar 19th 2021
How to Play Tetherball

Tetherball is a common staple of playgrounds, but too few people know the rules of the game. Think of this game as a two-person variation on volleyball because it involves players hitting the ball back and forth to the other side. If you've ever wondered how to play tetherball, now is a great time to learn.

Equipment You Need to Play Tetherball

The beauty of this game is the short list of equipment needed. You only need a post, a rope, and a ball. These typically come together in a set. Tetherball sets may include portable versions and permanent styles. Portable sets don't require digging post holes or setting the pole into a concrete base in the ground. Therefore, for home use, portable models are the most popular option.

Once you have the game setup, play can begin immediately. Players don't need padding, helmets, or their own balls. Everyone can play using the ball and rope on the tether pole. 

How to Setup a Portable Tetherball

You don’t need any tools to piece together a portable set, and it only requires minutes to finish. First, setting up a portable tetherball kit requires you to fill the base with sand or water to weigh it down. Snap the poles into place on top of the base and attach the rope and ball to the end. Insert the four ground stakes through the base into the soil to add extra stability and prevent the base from toppling during play.

How to Play Tetherball

Once set up, you can begin play with two players. The rules for tetherball are simple, but the gameplay can be fast and exciting.

Each person stands on one side of the tetherball and claims a semicircular area as their territory, with the ball in the center. Players take turns hitting the ball with only their hands in an attempt to wrap it around the pole in their direction.

Players cannot catch the ball with their hands or hit it with other parts of the body. They also cannot step into the other player's half of the court. Violating any of these rules results in a foul, in which the ball gets unwrapped from that player's turn before play resumes.

The first player to wrap the rope completely around the pole wins. Since the ball doesn't stop during play unless someone makes a foul, the gameplay can be very fast. Those who enjoy playing volleyball will want to play tetherball, too.

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