Indoor Alternatives to Outdoor Games

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Jan 21st 2022
Indoor Alternatives to Outdoor Games

Sometimes, you cannot play outdoor games when you would like. The weather may not be dry or warm enough for outdoor fun. Or, you may not have enough space in your backyard for a basketball or tennis court. Therefore, you should consider indoor alternatives to outdoor recreations. These games take up less space and still provide you with hours of fun.


When played outdoors, shuffleboard requires a long stretch of completely flat surface for the pucks to slide across. However, you don’t need a large deck when you play shuffleboard inside. Shuffleboard tables still require a lot of room. However, unlike other tables, shuffleboard tables only need enough length for the table and the player at the head. Players don’t stand on the sides of the table during play. Therefore, you can place one of these tables in a narrow room or space.

Arcade Basketball

Though most basketball games take place inside, most people practice shooting hoops outside either at an outdoor court or a hoop in their backyard. When rain, darkness, or other conditions keep you inside, you can still play basketball.

Arcade basketball games challenge your skills. Dual hoops let two people play against each other. Or, you can choose one of the electronic settings to beat the clock. Arcade basketball is an ideal option for preteens and teens who want an active indoor alternative to outdoor basketball.

Table Tennis

When you don’t have time to schedule a visit to a tennis court, practice your skills at home with table tennis. Though the two games use slightly different skills, they still challenge you to follow the ball around the court and over the net.

Contrary to what many people believe, table tennis does not have to be a sedate game. Professional players, such as those who compete in World Table Tennis, stand several feet away from the table and volley the ball at high speeds. Table tennis can be a fast-paced, heart-pounding alternative when bad weather keeps you inside from your standard tennis game.

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