Indoor Entertainment Solutions for When Your Kids Say, "I'm Bored!"

Posted by ,Jul 10th 2020
Indoor Entertainment Solutions for When Your Kids Say, "I'm Bored!"

During the summer months and even on the weekends, your kids may shout, "I'm bored." Instead of sending them to their room to play video games or spend time on social media, reduce their screen time, and cut down on their boredom with some outside-the-box indoor entertainment solutions.

Pool Table

Pool is a classic indoor entertainment option that your kids can enjoy throughout their entire lives. Teaching them pool at a young age not only gives them a screen-free way to spend time but it also teaches them about angles and geometry.

Starting out with a smaller six-foot pool table for younger kids is a great way to introduce them to the game. They will not need to hit the balls as hard to get them into the pockets. As your kids grow, you can also invest in larger pool tables. If you want to play pool with your kids, consider a seven-foot table to strike a balance between a compact size and regulation-sized eight-foot tables. Or, you could get a full-sized pool table measuring eight feet long if you have teenagers or older kids.

Indoor Basketball

For kids who can't get enough basketball, give them an indoor basketball set. These electronic devices have hoops that track the number of baskets landed, so kids know exactly how well they do.

Just like their versions at arcades, indoor basketball sets come with programs for various ways to beat the clock by sinking as many baskets as possible. For fast-paced fun without leaving the house, indoor basketball games are a perfect fit.

Air Hockey

Keeping kids active helps to keep them healthy. However, your kids can't always run around outside to unleash their energy. Provide them with active play as a form of indoor entertainment. Air hockey has a fast pace that keeps a pair of kids actively engaged for hours. With a variety of options for air hockey tables, you can find one to fit into your home and how your kids will use it.


Shuffleboard requires skill, timing, and finesse. Older kids and teenagers will appreciate the skills needed to excel at shuffleboard. Younger kids can enjoy the game, too, with the addition of a bowling pin set for shuffleboards. This set of pins turns shuffleboard into a tabletop version of bowling. Adults in your home will also enjoy playing shuffleboard or engaging in a match with the kids for family-friendly fun.

Multi-Game Tables for the Ultimate in Indoor Entertainment

If you have kids who move between activities frequently, never settling on one, consider a multi-game table. These convertible options use the same space for a variety of games. Some include pool and table tennis while others hide foosball tables and air hockey rinks. These tables make the most of the space you have and give your kids more options for indoor entertainment.

Bring Home Indoor Entertainment to Cure the Boredom Blues

You don't have to let the internet or TV babysit your kids. Provide them with alternatives to screen time with gaming tables for indoor entertainment they can enjoy all year long and as they grow up. Check out our selection of indoor gaming tables, pool tables, and more at