Is Your Backyard Ready for Spring Break 2021?

Posted by ,Feb 12th 2021
Is Your Backyard Ready for Spring Break 2021?

Spring Break 2021 looks like a repeat of last year, with many families staying close to home instead of traveling. Having a staycation is the safest option next to choosing a virtual vacation. However, staying at home doesn't have to be boring. Is your backyard ready for Spring Break fun this year? Check out these ideas to make your staycation more enjoyable.

Pickleball Game Set for Outdoor Play Without a Tennis Court

You don't need a large backyard to enjoy pickleball. This game has lightweight whiffle balls, similar to the light birdies used in badminton. However, it also uses a net and wooden paddles similar to those used for table tennis.

Combining these elements creates a game that kids and adults can enjoy outside on any hard surface. Since the balls have holes, they don't travel as far, reducing the chances of someone hitting a ball into the neighbor's yard.

Everything you need comes in a complete kit with our pickleball game set. If you don't already have one, consider getting this set to make your Spring Break 2021 more enjoyable.

Disc Golf Complete Set Blends Frisbee and Golf

With discs instead of golf balls and goals instead of tees, disc golf may seem like a world away from its inspiration. However, this variation on golf doesn't require everyone to have their own set of clubs. In fact, each person only needs a specially weighted disc and the ability to toss it as close to the goal as possible.

Set up a complete disc golf set in your backyard to give your family the chance to practice on their own before going out to one of the local parks that has a disc golf course. You may discover a new sport the entire family can enjoy.

Portable Volleyball Set for On-the-Go Fun

If your area has opened outdoor parks or beaches, you may want to spend time outside during Spring Break 2021. Bring along your own portable volleyball set to have fun. With the ability to set up this net anywhere, you can play volleyball in your backyard, in a park, at the beach, or anywhere else you want to have fun. Plus, volleyball is great for teens and adults who want active gameplay outside.

When you have a kit ready, you can enjoy volleyball anywhere at any time. This kit includes everything you need to play a game of volleyball, including the net, posts, ball, and pump. You don't even need trees nearby to hang up the net because the kit has the posts and guy lines to support the net.

Find All the Outdoor Games You Need to Make Spring Break 2021 Unforgettable

Don't let social distancing cause you to give up your hopes for a fun Spring Break 2021. Check out our outdoor games at Best Pool Tables for Sale to get the gaming options you need for outdoor fun this year. Whether you set up these games in your backyard or in a park, you will have options for making your time at home more fun, this year and in the future.