Make the Most of Your Game Table with These Tabletop Games

Posted by ,Nov 20th 2020
Make the Most of Your Game Table with These Tabletop Games

Finding the space for a game table in your home may be difficult. This is true especially if you don't have a spare room or live in an apartment. Your home can still have tabletop games, though. These take up much less space compared to game tables and can offer a wide range of options. Don't think that your options for these table-based games only include board games. In fact, you can get the same types of games that you see on gaming tables. But you don't have to sacrifice a lot of space. 

Air Hockey

While you may think of large tables for playing air hockey, you can enjoy real air hockey in a smaller space. The Power Play 40-inch air hockey playing areas features a blower motor to ensure the pucks smoothly glide across the surface with as little friction as possible. It also has goal boxes and a manual scoring system. If you ever thought that you couldn't have air hockey in your home due to a lack of space, think again.


Foosball is another favorite table game that you can get in a tabletop version. Measuring 38 inches long, this Sidekick tabletop foosball game makes nine-a-side soccer something you can play in your dining room. It comes with ball return, manual scoring, and two balls to keep gaming going.

Chess and Checkers

The classic games of chess and checkers have lasting appeal. First, these games feature beautiful sets. Plus, they offer simplicity in the gameplay. You can find a high-quality wood chess set that includes a set of checkers here that will add aesthetic appeal even when you don't want to play. The chess set sits comfortably on a side table between games, and it has drawers for securing pieces. 


Whether you want to play traditional dominos games or use set them up in rows to knock over, dominoes are a staple among tabletop games. Young and old can play any of a variety of dominoes games, making this one set a chance to enjoy a variety of activities. Plus, with this wooden carrying case that holds a set, you never have to worry about missing dominoes and skipping play.


Many people have caught the bug of home-based poker games. Among tabletop games, poker provides play geared more toward adults and teenagers. Older players can better plan their bets and read when others bluff. If you want to enjoy this social game in your home, this 500-piece poker set has everything that you need to get started.

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