Must Have Gaming Tables Based on Your Personality

Posted by ,Jun 19th 2020
Must Have Gaming Tables Based on Your Personality

How do you like to game? While you may look at the amount of space you have and who will play the games when choosing the best gaming tables for your home, also consider your personality. Here are some of the best gaming table matches based on personality type.

Fast-Paced, Highly Competitive Games 

If you need fast-paced games that pit you against an opponent, you can choose from several gaming options. These offer scoring to cater to your competitive nature and fast gameplay to keep your heart pumping.

First, consider a foosball table. Like soccer, which foosball emulates, the aim of the game is to get the fast-moving ball into the goal. Keeping track of your players, the ball, and the corresponding handles make this game perfect for those who like to think on their feet during high-speed gameplay. Our durable outdoor table can last for years, even with regular, heavy use.

Another fast-paced game is indoor hockey. As with foosball, you must keep track of the location of the players and which handles control them. However, in our domed table for indoor use, you have an electronic scoring system that keeps the game fair.

Table tennis is another option when you want to play an active game inside your home. While some players choose a casual approach to this game, serious table tennis players may stand several feet back from the table as they lob the ball at high speeds at their opponent.

Lastly, if you enjoy shooting hoops, with a two-player arcade-style basketball game, you don't have to wait to take turns. Concurrent play consists of a race to see who can score the most baskets before time runs out. But you can also select from up to eight different types of games on these machines.

Easy-Going Games for Couples 

Maybe you don't want the stress of a high-speed game but still want something to enjoy with a friend or family member. Try laid-back games that offer easy-going play for two people.

Pool is an iconic game for those cool, calculating types who like to take their time lining up shots. If this type of gameplay describes your ideal, a pool table would be a perfect addition to your game room.

Gaming Tables for Playing Alone 

You can still enjoy home gaming tables even if you don't regularly have a partner to play with. You can easily adapt games for multiple players to individual play. For instance, you can play pool as a solitaire-type game in which you practice trick shots or improve your game. Arcade-style basketball allows you to compete against yourself to see if you can beat your previous best score.

Find These and Other Gaming Tables in Our Online Store 

Gaming tables provide you and your family with hours of fun for couples, individuals, or groups. Bring home fast-paced games, laid-back pastimes, or thoughtful individual games. Check out our store at A&C Billiards and Barstools for a variety of pool tables, gaming tables, and more.