Need Christmas Gift Ideas? Here Are the Best Game Tables for Teens

Posted by ,Dec 17th 2021
Need Christmas Gift Ideas? Here Are the Best Game Tables for Teens

Shopping for teens is one of the hardest things to do. Their tastes seem to change by the minute. How can you possibly know what to get them when they cannot make up their minds? The most popular gift choice among teens and their parents is a smartphone. But you don’t have to rely on this convention for Christmas this year for your teen. Another option is to choose an everlasting gift that they can use for years. Check out these game tables for teens that will give them a screen-less option that can build skills and become a lifelong hobby.

Pool Tables and Teens

Teenagers are an ideal age group to introduce to the game of pool. The game of pool requires understanding angles and predicting trajectories. Therefore, younger kids might not appreciate it. However, teens likely have the ability to appreciate pool.

When starting your teen with a pool table, consider a bar-sized seven-foot table or a full-sized eight-foot table. Six-foot tables, especially for tall teens, might be too small and they won’t adapt as the teen improve their skills.

Table Tennis

Another great gift option for teens is table tennis. This game table can get them up and move. Plus, they have better coordination than they did when they were younger, making table tennis likely much more enjoyable for them. If you have more than one teenager in your family, they can play table tennis together or bring friends home to play. Some types of tables will also fold one half up for solo table tennis practice.

Air Hockey

Air hockey gives teens a way to get moving that doesn’t feel like exercise. This game features fast action and requires quick reflexes. Teens who typically hone their hand-eye coordination with video games may also appreciate the pace of an air hockey match.

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