Options for Space-Saving Game Tables to Maximize Your Home's Living Area

Posted by ,Dec 24th 2021
Options for Space-Saving Game Tables to Maximize Your Home's Living Area

Did you know that one in four Americans need to move into a bigger home within two years? The problem is even worse in urban areas with one in three needing more space after the same amount of time. If you find your space is feeling extra tight but don’t feel ready to upgrade your home, consider making the most of the space that you already have. Space saving game tables are one way to expand the use of your home’s space without giving up the fun of a game room. Check out some options below for ways to get game tables in the space you have.

Space Saving Game Tables That Convert to Dining Tables

One way to save space with a game table is to find one that also doubles as a dining table. Plus, in many homes, dining tables pull extra duty as work spaces or homework desks. Therefore, when you find a game table that works as a dining table, you also have work space for your hobbies, homework, or other activities.

Tables that covert have durable tops to protect the gaming surface while giving you ample space for serving food. The best part of these tables is their typical length of seven feet ensures that you will have a long enough dining table for the whole family.

One option is the Newport pool table that converts into a dining table with benches. This seven-foot table offers a casual comfort for dining and a full-sized pool table when you remove the top.

Another choice is the Park Avenue combination table that allows you to play pool or table tennis. It also converts into a dining tablet that includes storage inside the benches for gaming equipment.

In fact, tables like the Park Avenue combination option are another great way to save space.

Multigame Tables

Multigame tables combine several games into a single table. These give you the option to have a full game room of activities in a single table. Check out the many options for multigame space saving game tables online. You can find options that include up to seven games on one table.

Foldable Game Tables

Folding game tables save space by letting you store them in a closet when not in use. Therefore, if you only have temporary space in a garage or patio for playing on a game table, you should consider folding tables. There are portable options that include pool tables, table tennis, or others.

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