Outdoor Game Tables by Poolside

Posted by ,Jul 16th 2021
Outdoor Game Tables by Poolside

During the summer, you will want to spend as much time outside as possible. Get the most out of the great weather by filling your pool area with fun outdoor games to enjoy after a dip in the pool. Outdoor game tables have special designs to keep them looking great and continuing to function well, even after years of exposure to the elements. However, as with all activities near a swimming pool, always adhere to safety rules for the entire family.

Attributes of Outdoor Game Tables

Outdoor game tables have several features that make them suitable for use and storage outside. For example, the materials used to make the tables are resistant to water damage from rain, pool water, dew, or humidity. They also need to hold up against sunlight and impacts.

Moisture is not the only factor that your outdoor game tables must have protection against. The sun’s UV light can cause fading of materials that don’t have UV protection. However, many outdoor game tables, such as this Alpine 8-foot pool table, have materials on their surfaces that won’t fade in the sun.

Lastly, durability is crucial to ensuring the longevity of outdoor tables that must stand up to the rigors of an outdoor environment. Often, you may need to move your outdoor gaming tables more frequently than indoor tables to clear backyard or patio space. Plus, the tables may be subject to impacts from kids playing outside, tossed balls, or windblown debris. Many of our outdoor game tables have aluminum construction that makes them lightweight and strong.

Why You Cannot Use Indoor Game Tables Outside

Game tables designed for use inside cannot be used outside. First, pool tables, especially are difficult to move. Therefore, you cannot move them inside for protection when using them outside. Second, standard pool tables have strict requirements for storage temperature and humidity levels to prevent warping of the wood or damage to the felt. Therefore, if you have a pool table or other game table that is not designed for outdoor use, you should never use it outside to avoid shortening the lifespan of the table.

Outdoor Games Beyond Tables

There are several outdoor game options beyond tables. For more active play, you can enjoy outdoor sports near the pool. For instance, croquet, tether ball, and corn hole are great outdoor game options for a barbeque gathering or pool party. Having these plus outdoor gaming tables gives everyone an option for fun at your next poolside gathering.

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