Outdoor Games for the Holidays

Posted by ,Dec 11th 2020
Outdoor Games for the Holidays

While many people don't think of playing outdoor games in the winter, many parts of the country have mild weather during this time of year, or at least days without snow. In fact, even if you have snowy conditions in your part of the country, you can still go outside on clear days to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

Benefits of Playing Outdoor Games in the Winter

During the winter, too many people spend time stuck inside. However, staying inside all day, everyday is not the healthiest option. By going outside, your body can manufacture vitamin D from sunlight. In doing so, your system gets a healthy boost from this much-needed component.

Additionally, spending time playing games gets your heart pumping. Exercising outside can keep you warm in cool weather. Plus, the movement will give you some exercise that you might not otherwise get from staying inside all the time. However, outdoor exercise does not have to be jogging or walking. With outdoor games, you can get moving and have fun at the same time.

Outdoor Games and Holiday Gatherings During COVID

Throughout the pandemic, doctors have told people to stay away from crowds or to choose smaller gatherings outdoors to reduce viral spread. If you want to have family over for holiday gatherings, consider integrating games outside into the event to have fun with your family while staying at a safe distance and in the fresh air.

Outdoor Games to Choose 

Not everyone has ample space inside for home-based games. Others prefer to get as much fresh air as possible. Outdoor games include favorites such as volleyball, disc golf, horseshoes, and bocce ball. You can set up these games in your backyard or bring them to the local park.

If you're stuck for outdoor games to play at home or a park, consider our portable options that you can take with you or store until the spring. For instance, our portable volleyball set has everything that you need to play a game of volleyball wherever you have space to set up the net and the court. The same holds true for our bocce ball set, that has everything in a convenience carrying case.

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