Patio Games for Outdoor Fun All Year

Posted by ,Aug 14th 2020
Patio Games for Outdoor Fun All Year

Do more on your patio than sunbathing. Add patio games to your backyard for fun that you can enjoy all year long. Whether you have a full backyard with a pool that you want to supplement or a small apartment porch, you can find games to fit the space you have and your gaming style.

Patio Games for Large Backyards

The best position to be in to choose outdoor games is if you have a large backyard. The extra space of the yard will give you plenty of room to move around and allow for proper gameplay without putting anyone in danger.

Types of games ideal for large backyards include the following:

These games require either space for tossing a game piece or for running around while playing. If you have a pool, keep the playing area away from the water. You should have the pool fenced in to prevent players from accidentally slipping into the water during play.

Games for Small Porches

Not everyone has space to set up a full game of croquet in their backyards. However, if you have a small porch, you can still enjoy patio games while you get some fresh air. An outdoor, waterproof foosball table can fulfill your need for high-paced gaming even on your back porch.

If you prefer larger-than-life board games, consider the Quartto Four-in-a-Row game. You may also like a traditional, extra-large tic-tac-toe game for lazy afternoons.

Party Games

Throwing a party? Make it more fun by bringing out some popular party games. These are ideal for multiple players to enjoy in a casual environment. Examples of great party games include cornhole, ring toss, and horseshoes.

Patio Games for Two

Not every day on your patio will be a party. Maybe you just want a game to play with a friend or your partner. Consider foosball or an outdoor pool table. These options give you a game to play outside without needing a crowd of people to enjoy.

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