Pool Table Accessories – Kits You Cannot Live Without

Posted by ,Nov 27th 2020
Pool Table Accessories – Kits You Cannot Live Without

If you are a first-time pool table owner, you need to know that your table will not be the only thing that you need. In fact, few new owners consider the need for supplies that support gameplay and help them to keep their pool components in good condition. Here are some pool table accessories that you should consider when you purchase your pool table.

Pool Table Accessory Kit

If you are new to owning a pool table, you may not realize that you need several accessories to maximize your playing opportunities while keeping your table in good condition. Our complete pool table accessories kit includes everything that you need to get started in your hobby of playing pool.

You will find a full set of balls as well as a rack for nine-ball play and one for eight-ball games. If you've only played one type of game on a pool table, consult the official billiards rule book in the kit.

For caring for the table, we've included a bed and rail brush and table cover. Brushing off the felt after each game and keeping the table covered will ensure the balls roll correctly and as expected every game. If you forget to clean the table, chalk dust can build up and negatively impact play.

This kit has four maple cues and a cue maintenance kit to care for them. These maple cues work well for beginning players. However, over time, you may find that you have particular needs for a specific cue shape or weight.

Cue Stick Repair Kit

Because cue sticks can sustain damage even from regular use, you will want to include a cue stick repair and maintenance kit when you get other pool table accessories. Our kit includes the cement and clamps to easily make repairs of your cue from minor changes to complete replacements of parts like the tips and ferrules. 

Cue Racks

Your cues cannot stay on top of a pool table between games. The tips could scuff or scratch the felt. The best way to store your cues out of the way is in a vertical cue rack. These include both floor models and those that mount on the wall. Some cue racks also have places to hold balls and ball racks for maximizing your storage abilities near the pool table. You can find our cue racks among our other game room furniture at Best Pool Tables for Sale.

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