Product Spotlight: Excalibur Air Hockey Table

Posted by ,Feb 19th 2021
Product Spotlight: Excalibur Air Hockey Table

Maximize fun while minimizing required space with a two-in-one gaming table. Among our most popular gaming table options is the Excalibur air hockey table that doubles as a playing surface for table tennis. Why is this option such a hot seller? Find out why others crave this game table in their homes and why you should include it in yours.

An Air Hockey Table Designed for Competitive Play

Air hockey tables may occasionally include glide tables that don't have a blower motor. The blower is essential for high-speed play, though. It creates a layer of frictionless air the puck floats on, allowing it to move faster over the table.

The Excalibur table measures six feet long and includes a commercial-grade blower motor inside. It also comes with an automatic electronic scoring system. To really play like a professional, you can use the rules established by the U.S. Air Hockey Association. These rules include using a referee and using any part of the mallet for hitting the puck. If you've never read air hockey rules, you may find yourself surprised by some gameplay mechanics outlined.

Table Tennis for a Change of Pace

While air hockey offers fast play, not everyone likes the game. If you have a multi-use gaming table like the Excalibur, you can switch it to table tennis use. The table includes paddles, a ball, and a net for the conversion, so you always have what you need to play table tennis.

As with air hockey, table tennis has a set of rules used by professional players. Groups that codify these rules include the International Table Tennis Federation and USA Table Tennis. You can readily find the basic gameplay rules for table tennis on USA Table Tennis's Team USA page, plus how to play with the rules used by professional groups.

A Classic Game Room Design to Fit Anywhere

The design of the Excalibur air hockey table fits in well with other game room furniture. Its X-pattern leg supports and driftwood surface integrate to the whole design to give the table a simple, casual style that works well with many other home décor choices.

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