Protect Outdoor Games During the Winter

Posted by ,Jan 15th 2021
Protect Outdoor Games During the Winter

If you live in a place where inclement weather or cold temperatures will keep you from spending much time outside until the spring, you need to think about properly storing any outdoor games that you have. Though many outdoor gaming tables or other options are durable enough for play outside, you should not leave them to the elements for several months. Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor games safe until you can use them again.

Use a Cover for Outdoor Gaming Tables

If you have outdoor tables such as those for pool, foosball, air hockey, or table tennis, you should invest in a cover to keep the surface protected from snow, ice, rain, and frost. Plus, these covers will keep wild animals out. Even in the most urban areas, raccoons, squirrels, and birds will seek places around your home for shelter and food. If you leave a gaming table uncovered, they may use it for a bed or dining table, causing scratches or other damage to the surface.

Bring Portable Outdoor Games Inside

If you have games such as cornhole or a baseball pitching net, bring them inside a protected area. While you don't have to store them in a climate-controlled place such as inside your home, you should keep them out of the elements. For instance, these should keep well even in an unheated garage as long as they stay protected from moisture and light.

Some games, like oversized tic-tac-toe or a four-in-a-row board game, you can bring inside to play during the winter. This option is ideal if you want to have these games close. Use them when you get bored on long winter nights and want something different to play.

Stay Organized

When storing accessories for outdoor games, keep them in a clearly labeled box. While some, such as our horseshoes set, come with storage bags, you may still want to place the bag inside a box so that you will be able to quickly identify the contents.

Keeping your outdoor game accessories well organized over the winter will make finding them easier when you want to restart playing outside in the spring.

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