Protect Your Windows and Garage Door with Rebound Ball Return Systems

Posted by ,Sep 18th 2020
Protect Your Windows and Garage Door with Rebound Ball Return Systems

If you have kids who want to practice basketball or baseball in your backyard, you don't have to sacrifice your garage door or windows to their practice. In fact, with a rebound ball return system, you can give them the ability to practice as long as they want without needing to chase their balls around the backyard. Plus, you can keep your home, garage door, windows, and fencing safer from wayward baseballs or basketballs.

Basketball Rebound Ball Return

A basketball rebound return net fits under the basket. This add-on rolls the ball back forward away from the goal.

If you have a basketball net hanging from the front of your garage, a rebound net can stop the ball from hitting the garage doors after going through the net. It will also prevent balls from rolling into the street if you have a free-standing basketball goal.

Whether you or your kids have a real interest in practicing basketball shots from any distance, a rebound net gives you more time throwing and less time running after balls.

Pitching Rebound Ball Net

Budding baseball players often need to practice throwing the ball. Whether pitchers, outfielders, or catchers, all players need to throw accurately at a variety of distances. To get more time with throwing a ball and less time finding thrown baseballs in the yard, give your kids a pitching rebound net.

Rather than spending money on bags of baseballs that could miss a target and break a window when thrown, get a rebound pitching ball return that will catch the pitched balls and safely return them to the thrower.

With a large area, there is less of a chance of a ball flying into a window or your wall. Also, the netting slows down the ball's speed, so it will roll back slower than it was pitched. Therefore, even if your kid misses grabbing the ball on the rebound, it will likely not cause severe damage due to its slower speed.

Hitting Baseball Net

Lastly, for hitting practice, because the balls move at high speeds, a rebound net may not slow them down enough. However, you can prevent damage to your home by giving your child or yourself a baseball hitting practice net. You can adjust the height from 28 inches to 46 inches. Therefore, both kids and adults can use this net to improve their skills.

However, no matter how good you are at hitting a ball, you could still send it through a window. This net catches the baseballs that you hit, so you can avoid that type of disaster. Plus, a player won't need another person to catch the balls that they hit to throw them back.

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If you don't want to deal with dents in your garage door, broken windows, holes in fences, or damaged siding, invest in rebound nets for your kids' preferred sport. With rebound ball return systems, you can protect your home without prohibiting your kids from practicing their favorite sports.

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