Protecting Your Home Game Tables with Covers

Posted by ,Sep 10th 2021
Protecting Your Home Game Tables with Covers

Owning home game tables means that you need to prepare yourself to care for them, too. Without regular care and cleaning, you could shorten the lives of your tables or reduce the enjoyment of the gameplay. Table covers make keeping up the care of your gaming tables even easier while preserving the table for longer-term use.

Do You Really Need Covers for Your Patio Game Tables?

Outdoor game tables undoubtedly need covers to protect them from the elements. Rain, dust, and humidity can damage tables. Even tables made for use outdoors require protection against the elements. Just because they are resistant to moisture and UV damage does not mean that they are impervious to harm. Using a cover on these tables will protect them.

Do You Need Covers for Indoor Home Game Tables?

Even if you have an indoor game table, you need to have a cover to protect its surface. Dust can still accumulate on the surface. A coating of dust is especially detrimental to felt-topped tables, such as pool tables. Without regular cleaning to remove dust or accumulated chalk from the table, you can damage the balls or change their predicted performance. Even if you do use a cover, clean off the table surface after gameplay to prevent dust or chalk buildup.

Home with children or pets especially need covers for home game tables. These groups can damage the tables by accidentally scratching their surfaces with claws or toys. Even adults can damage uncovered tables by accidentally sitting on them or placing drinks on the tables. Covers provide needed for protection from damage and dust for home tables.

Why Size Matters 

The size of the table cover does make a difference. Some types of covers are large for universal use. However, you should not use a cover smaller than the table’s surface. Many covers are designed specifically to stated table dimensions. For instance, this table cover for a 54-inch foosball table only fits that size table. The slits on the cover are spaced for the handles of a table of that length. If you use this table cover for a larger or smaller table, the slits will not line up with the handles, and the cover will not stay in place.

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