Safe Entry Options for Above Ground Pools: Pool Steps, Ladders, and Decks

Posted by ,Sep 25th 2020
Safe Entry Options for Above Ground Pools: Pool Steps, Ladders, and Decks

While above-ground pools offer a lower-cost alternative to in-ground pools, they can pose a safety hazard for unwary homeowners. Simply climbing over the wall of an above-ground pool to reach the water creates a dangerous situation. The climber could easily slip and fall to the ground or into the water. Consider how people will safely enter and leave the pool by providing one of several options for swimmers. Pool steps, pool ladders, and decks make your above-ground pool even safer and more enjoyable.

Pool Steps

Pool steps come in a pair of differing designs. Choosing between these depends on whether your above ground pool has access from the ground or a deck.

If you do not have a deck or raised walkway around your pool, you will likely need an A-frame set of steps. These have stairs on the outside and inside of the pool. Some models, such as those from Neptune, include a self-locking gate to cover the outside stairs. This accessory prevents small children from getting into a pool via the stairs. While you should always have a locking gate and fence around a pool, adding an A-frame set of pool steps increases the security of the water against unauthorized swimming.

Another form of stairs sits only in the water, allowing someone from a deck to walk down into the pool. This option works only if you have a safe walking area at the same level as the top of the pool.

Pool Ladders

Pool ladders differ from stairs because to use the ladder, you must hold onto the sides and climb each step while facing the ladder. Pool steps can allow for climbing down without facing the stairs.

Like pool steps, pool ladders have simple designs for entering the water from a deck or A-frame designs that let you climb up and into the pool from the ground level.

The A-frame pool ladder does not have a gate to prevent entry. But, you can slide up the bottom of the ladder and lock it into place to stop kids from getting into your pool. Even if you have a locked gate, you still need to take every precaution possible to keep your pool safe from your own kids and those in the neighborhood.


If you have a deck around your pool, you don't need a set of pool steps or a ladder to get to the top of the pool. However, you will still need stairs or a ladder to safely reach the water. These accessories also provide a safe exit for tired swimmers.

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