Simple Solutions for Rainy Day Activities in the Summer

Posted by ,Jun 25th 2021
Simple Solutions for Rainy Day Activities in the Summer

Even in sunny Southern California, rainy days can and do happen. Therefore, you should have plans for rainy day activities the entire family can enjoy, especially during the slow summer months when kids are out of school. Being prepared for days when kids are stuck inside doesn’t have to mean relying on technology or screens. While 46% of kids and teens play video games on their phones, 27% on a console, and 17% on computers, your summer plans don’t have to include any of these options. In fact, with a home game room, you and your kids can have fun without the internet or video games.

Rainy Day Activities for Active Kids

First, if you have an indoor game room, your kids may spend less time on their phones or consoles. Offering them fun gaming options that don’t require screens may protect their eyes, increase family time, and help them boost their hand-eye coordination.

The types of game tables that you want to include in the game room depend on your kids’ ages and abilities. For instance, if you have older teens, a pool table is a perfect option for them. This game is one that they can continue to improve at throughout their lives. However, it requires patience to play that younger kids may not have.

For more active kids, make sure to have physically demanding home games such as arcade basketball hoops or air hockey. These fast-paced games can keep them active, even if they are stuck inside on a rainy day.

Rainy Day Activities for Studious Kids

If your kids prefer to read than play video games, provide them with plenty of books. Or get them to engage in a more interactive activity by making their own books. Younger kids will enjoy creating stories and drawing pictures on pages that you can staple together into a picture book of their own. Older kids may want to type out a story on the computer or make a picture book for younger siblings.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids Who Prefer TV

Some kids just want to hang out and watch TV or videos on their phones. For them, a rainy day may not matter. However, you can get these kids active inside. Find out their favorite shows and see how to integrate activities with those. For instance, does your kid like to watch shows about food and cooking? Have them prepare a recipe for the family of their creation for a meal. If they like to watch animal shows, explore the internet with them to learn more about specific animals.

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