Slate vs Non-Slate Pool Tables

Posted by ,Dec 4th 2020
Slate vs Non-Slate Pool Tables

When shopping for a new pool table, one of the major decisions that you will have to make is the surface. You need to decide whether you want a slate pool table or one without a slate top. You will notice several differences between these, and knowing how each type of top is unique will make the choice easier for you.

Advantages of Slate Pool Tables

Slate pool tables use the rock slate to cover the surface. Smaller tables may use one solid piece of slate. However, larger pool tables may piece together two or three slates to create the surface. Slate is a rock. It easily separates into very flat sheets. This attribute makes it ideal for a durable, long-lasting playing surface.

When you choose a slate pool table, you have a surface that will not warp or impact the roll of the balls. This material will remain straight and true throughout the life of the pool table. 

Disadvantages of Slate Pool Tables

Unfortunately, slate does have a handful of disadvantages. First, slate pool tables cost more than non-slate alternatives. Because it costs more, you will more likely see slate tables used in professional play and in commercial game rooms. Also, if you have a slate pool table in your home, the surface is extremely heavy and will require extra care when moving the table to avoid cracking the slate.

Benefits of Non-Slate Pool Tables

Non-slate tables cost much less than slate models. Therefore, if you are a first-time pool table buyer, you may want to consider a non-slate surface while you learn the basics of the game. Later, you can upgrade to a slate table, if desired. Non-slate tables also weigh less, making them easier to set up and move without professional help.

Downsides to Non-Slate Pool Tables

The lower cost of non-slate pool tables comes at the price of how the surface affects gameplay. Most alternatives to slate are made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Because this surface has a wood component, it can warp in high humidity. Therefore, if you live in a coastal climate, you may not want to invest in an MDF pool table for use in a non-climate controlled room.

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