Stuck Inside? Bring the Arcade to Your Home with a Variety of Gaming Tables

Posted by ,May 8th 2020
Stuck Inside? Bring the Arcade to Your Home with a Variety of Gaming Tables

No one wants to think about being stuck inside all the time. Whether inclement weather or a virus keeps you cooped up inside your home, you don't have to settle for the boredom. By purchasing one or more gaming tables, you can turn a room of your home into a fun space to use at any time. If you want to find the best ways to pass the hours during quarantine, a stay-at-home order, on long weekends, or on holidays, check out these gaming table options that turn your home into an arcade.

Why Gaming Tables? 

One thing that sets gaming tables apart from other pass times is their appeal to all ages. Everyone from kids to senior adults can enjoy indoor fun that offers more physical movement than sitting on the couch. Even if you didn't grow up in the heyday of arcades in the 1980s, you may still have seen pool tables at bars or arcade basketball games at bowling alleys. These tables offer a way for people to connect over a game while staying a little longer in the establishment.

Space Needed for Home Gaming Tables 

While you may not have the space to fit a full-sized eight-foot-long pool table in your home's game room, you still have many options for games you can enjoy in small spaces. While pool tables and table tennis require 300 square feet of space each, you can fit a foosball table into a much smaller area.

Pool tables require five feet on all four sides for players to access the felt. Therefore, you should add ten feet to the width and length of the table to find the exact space you need for it.

Table tennis does not require as much space on the sides, only about four feet, but it does need at least seven feet on each end for the players. This means that you should add eight feet to the width and 14 feet to the length for a tennis table.

Foosball tables need extra space on the sides with the handles. Add eight feet to each of the four sides of a foosball table to ensure the players can reach the handles quickly.

Arcade-style basketball games have the benefit of not needing significant space on the sides because the net will prevent tossed basketballs from leaving the playing area. Most models will also fold up, for more compact storage. For example, the Shot Pro Deluxe electronic basketball game shrinks its depth from 81 inches when open to 45 inches when folded. However, for play, make sure to have enough space for players to stand at a comfortable distance for them to shoot. Some people may want to stand farther back while others will want to stay at the edge.

Find the Gaming Tables to Make Staying at Home Fun 

Forget dreading another day stuck at home. Even after quarantines end, you will still have rainy days, holidays, sick days, and boring days when you find yourself at home with nothing to do. When you have a gaming table, though, you will always have a fun activity for anytime of the day or night. Many gaming tables accommodate single players, but you can also get friends or family members involved in the games, too.

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