Summer Fun for Your Kids at Home and Away

Posted by ,May 7th 2021
Summer Fun for Your Kids at Home and Away

Even if your kids have spent the school year at home learning through the computer, summer will still be different for everyone. The kids won’t have to worry about homework or logging into their virtual classes. So, they’ll be home and have more free time. Make plans now for summer fun to keep your kids from getting bored.

Go Camping or Recreate Summer Camp at Home

Depending on your choice of summer camp for your kids, the camp may be in session or have postponed activities. If your kids can’t go to summer camp this year, you can still recreate many of those activities at home. House Beautiful offers creative ways to bring summer fun of camp to your backyard.

Have Summer Fun by the Pool Safely

If you have a backyard pool, the first aspect of safety is keeping the pool clean. A clean pool prevents germs from growing in the water and it keeps insects from using the water for their eggs. You can use robotic cleaners or old-fashioned methods for keeping the pool clear of debris. Don’t forget to regularly monitor the water chemistry, too, to be sure that you are using the correct balance of chemicals.

Whether your kids swim at your home pool or at a neighborhood pool, never allow them in the water alone. Always have an adult who knows how to swim and use rescue equipment near the pool to watch them at all times. Also, use safety gates around your home pool to protect your kids and those in the area from accessing the pool when you’re not around.

Get Active with Outdoor Games

Keep your kids away from screens by getting them active with outdoor games. They can play traditional favorites like tag or hide and seek. Alternatively, you can get equipment for games such as corn hole or disc golf. Keeping your kids active with summer fun can ease their boredom and improve their physical health.

Prepare for Back to School Sports at Home

If your kids will play sports when they return to school in the fall, let them use their summer for building their skills. For baseball players, a pitching net catches their throws as they improve their aim, speed, and accuracy. Portable volleyball nets let players practice with their friends and family in your backyard or a nearby park. These sports make it easier for kids to transition from the summer to afterschool sports practices.

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Give your kids several options for summer fun that include outdoor activities and games and indoor enrichment chances. Check out our outdoor games and sports at Best Pool Tables for Sale for a variety of ways to have fun this summer.