The Difference Between Soft Tip and Steel Tip Darts

Posted by ,Jan 22nd 2021
The Difference Between Soft Tip and Steel Tip Darts

You may want to add a dartboard to your home or restock your supply of darts. Before ordering more darts, you need to understand the differences between soft tip and steel tip darts. When you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of each, you will make the best decision for stocking your home game room.

What Are Soft Tip Darts?

Soft tip darts have plastic tips that make them a better choice for younger players. These darts are also safer for beginners to use because even errant darts will likely not cause physical harm to those nearby. Steel tip darts can seriously hurt people they strike.

If you have soft tip darts, you can still use them with traditional bristle dartboards. However, these darts more frequently pair with electronic dartboards that keep score digitally.

What Are Steel Tip Darts?

Steel tip darts are the more traditional form. However, their slightly greater heft requires extra throwing strength. If you have a traditional bristle dartboard, you will want to use steel tip darts.

Which Type of Darts Should I Use?

If you have children or beginners in the house or an electronic dartboard, stock soft tip darts for them, such as the Galaxy or Rampage darts. Keep in mind that you may want to order an extra set because the softer tips can sustain damage more easily than steel tips.

For play by experienced players on bristle dartboards, purchase steel tip darts, such as the Widow Maker or Tempest.

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