The Fastest Indoor Table Games You Can Find

Posted by ,Oct 23rd 2020
The Fastest Indoor Table Games You Can Find

High-speed games can happen in real-time without needing to upgrade your computer's video card or invest in the latest console. While you will constantly have to make technology upgrades to get the fastest video games, you can experience fast gameplay without making costly updates or buying the latest games. With these fastest indoor table games, you can get all the action that you crave. Plus, as you improve your abilities, the gameplay will increase in excitement.

Table Tennis

While you can play a laid-back game of table tennis, the speed increases as the abilities of you and your opponent improve. Professional table tennis players, in fact, use moves that resemble those of full-court tennis players with similar speed and physical effort.

While you don't have to be a professional player to enjoy a fast-paced game, you can work to increase your speed through regular practice. You don't even need a partner. By folding up one end of some table models, you can rebound your shots. Some people who enjoy solitaire table tennis will use a paddle in each hand to improve their prowess with both hands.


Foosball is another of the indoor table games that can be played at a slower or faster pace, depending on the players' abilities. However, with the lighter weight pieces in American foosball tables, faster play is more possible than with tables made in Europe, which use heavier parts that turn more slowly.

Just like its team sports equivalent, foosball can have a high-speed play where you need lightning-fast reflexes to respond to the ball's movement on the table. While anyone can play this game, younger players can often meet the game's requirement for rapid responses to the ball's motion.

Another benefit of foosball compared to other indoor table games is the ability of the ball to stay on the table. Many foosball tables have covers to prevent the ball from flying out of play. Therefore, you can keep playing longer without wasting time finding a missing part from the game.

Air Hockey

Of course, any discussion of the fastest indoor table games cannot be complete without air hockey. Fast-moving pucks that carom off the sides and strikers. With easy rules and some tables that keep score, even beginners can jump right into play without spending hours learning rules.

To ensure that play never stops due to a missing puck or damaged striker, have a spare set of these on hand just in case. Plus, by having two sets, you can even play two-a-side air hockey on larger tables.

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