The Importance of Regular Pool Cleaning

Posted by ,Oct 2nd 2020
The Importance of Regular Pool Cleaning

You know that you need to keep your pool clean. But do you understand why pool cleaning is so important? A clean pool protects more than the aesthetic appeal of the water. When you know the consequences of failing to keep your pool clean and water chemically balanced, you will realize that you need to pay close attention to your pool cleaning chores.

Preserve Swimmer's Health

Keeping your water clean and balanced protects swimmers from eye or skin irritation or injury. Using too much chlorine or having the wrong pH could cause redness and discomfort for those using the pool.

You use chlorine or other pool chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria that could sicken swimmers. Pool cleaning protects and preserves the health of those who use the pool by killing bacteria that could make them sick.

Prevent Your Pool from Becoming a Pond

Stopping bacteria from growing is only one aspect of pool cleaning. When you have a clean pool, you prevent the growth of algae. Mosquitos also will not lay their eggs on the water. Left neglected, your swimming pool can quickly turn into an algae-infested pond. Such a site allows for insects to breed and attracts wild animals that eat the bugs. Unless you want to have a bug-infested green pool, you need to make pool cleaning a priority.

Protect Pool Hardware

The cleanliness of your pool's water also protects the pool hardware and accessories that have regular contact with the water. For instance, regularly skimming your pool can protect your filter from getting clogged by large pieces of debris such as leaves.

With poor water quality, you could have accessories such as your pump or filter that don't last as long due to wear from acidic water or damage from improperly balanced chemicals.

Unless you want to make frequent replacements of hardware components, keep your pool clean.

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