The Rise of Gaming at Home

Posted by ,May 14th 2021
The Rise of Gaming at Home

Gaming at home has become a hot activity. The pandemic that forced many people to stay home for weeks at a time during 2020 prompted those people to find ways to occupy themselves at home. Consequently, the video game industry’s worth increased 9.3% from 2019’s value. This shows the increased need for people to find activities at home.

However, other types of games have also benefited from more people spending time at home. The board game industry had a positive view with a majority of survey respondents reporting the games to be very or somewhat enjoyable. With gaming at home so popular today, home game tables also have a place in recreational opportunities.

Why Gaming at Home Is So Popular Now

The pandemic largely contributed to an increase in the popularity of video games and board games. However, even before the lockdowns kept people at home, these types of games were still popular. Video games allow people to connect with others online for play, preventing feelings of loneliness that may occur in long-term lockdowns. Board games can still be enjoyed over video conferences, giving players another way to share their hobby with friends and family, even in distant locations.

How Home Game Tables Stand Apart

Home game tables can bring families together in ways that board games or video games may not be able to. For instance, video games often have a steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with the controllers. Not everyone likes the cerebral nature of some board games. However, games such as air hockey, pool, and table tennis are easily accessible by players of all ages and skills.

Gaming at Home into the Future

Even after people gain the freedom to return to their social lives, the love for board games, video games, and home game tables they picked up during the pandemic will remain. Therefore, visiting someone’s house in the future may also include playing one of these types of games. For those who don’t yet have these gaming options in their homes, now is the best time to stock up. The benefits of having games in your house include a backup choice for power outages, a way to make boring nights at home more fun, or an option for spending time with friends and family.

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