What Is Disc Golf? You Should Be Playing This Sport

Posted by ,Feb 26th 2021
What Is Disc Golf? You Should Be Playing This Sport

While disc golf has risen in popularity over the years, it still remains a mystery to some. What sets this sport apart from other outdoor activities is its accessibility. Anyone can play. Regardless of athletic ability, gender identity, age, or skill level, you can find enjoyment in playing this game. Find out everything you need to know to get started in this popular sport that offers a safe, socially distanced gaming option for outside.

What Is Disc Golf? 

Disc golf takes elements of golf and flying disc tossing. Instead of hitting a golf ball toward a tee at the end of a green, players toss discs toward a basket target, often located in an area park. Just as in golf, players keep track of how many times they need to move their piece to the target.

Many people enjoy playing disc golf because it's simple to learn and only requires a disc for basic play at a course.

Where Can You Play?

With more than 8,000 courses across the country, including in public parks, there is likely a playing site nearby. Unlike golf courses, many disc golf courses have no tee times or playing fees. However, always be respectful of others in the area if playing in a public part.

If you cannot get to a local course, you can also get a metal basket goal as part of a complete disc golf kit for practice at home. Since this goal has a portable design, you can take it with you anywhere or reposition it to create more challenges during practice.

What Do You Need to Play?

For play, you can start with a single disc. However, as happens in many other sports, players may use different discs for specific courses or have a set of playing discs they rotate through. Also, many people may bring an extra disc in case they want to play an impromptu game while at a local park.

In our starter kit, we include six discs of weights for fairways, distance, mid-range distance, putting, and long-distance. Plus, the kit comes with a carrying case that includes a water bottle to stay hydrated while on the course.

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