What Is MDF on a Pool Table?

Posted by ,Jul 23rd 2021
What Is MDF on a Pool Table?

While browsing for a pool table online, you may see the tag “MDF.” Often, our customers will ask us, “What is MDF?” This acronym is an important part of choosing the attributes of your next pool table or home gaming table.

What Is MDF?

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. This material is exceptionally smooth. Builders can easily paint it, cut decorative outlines in the material, or create eye-catching edges. With MDF, the world of gaming tables has changed to allow for the creation of more affordable, better-performing pool tables and more.

Is MDF Good for Pool Tables?

In fact, it outperforms plywood for a gaming surface. MDF does not have splinters and is smoother than plywood. Therefore, balls roll easily and predictably over its surface.

It does not have the exceptionally heavy weight of slate. Plus, it costs less than other materials used for pool tables. For a value-priced pool table perfect for beginners or for kids to use, find your solution from the selection of MDF pool tables.

What Are the Pros and Cons of MDF for a Pool Table?

Always consider the pros and cons of any pool table material when comparing options. For MDF, many people find that its benefits outweigh any downsides to the material. Advantages of MDF include:

  • Lower cost
  • Dense material for smooth ball movement
  • Durability

The downsides to using MDF in a pool table are:

  • MDF contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be released when cutting the material
  • You cannot place pool tables made with MDF in humid or wet environments since MDF is not waterproof
  • Tables can weigh several hundred pounds due to the density of MDF

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