What Is Proper Pool Cue Storage?

Posted by ,Oct 9th 2020
What Is Proper Pool Cue Storage?

The more that you play pool, the more likely you will have a preferred pool cue that you play with. Your cue will have dimensions that fit both your body size and playing style. Once you find the perfect cue, you will want to take care of it as much as possible. To start, you need to know the best pool cue storage methods that prevent warping and other problems caused by improperly keeping these accessories.

Conditions for Good Pool Cue Storage

Pool cues are made from wood. Therefore, any conditions that can impact wood can also affect the integrity of your cue. For instance, extremes in heat and cold can cause the cue to expand and contract. Over time, this will lead to warping or misshaping of the cue.

You should also avoid storing your cue in areas that are either too moist. Excessive moisture, as can happen if you keep your pool cues in a humid garage or near a swimming pool, can warp the wood. In fact, many cases have moisture-wicking material that surrounds the cues stored in them.

Pool Cue Storage Case

If you play pool on the go, keep your cue in a case. Lay the case flat and not on its edge to ensure the cue has proper support inside. When storing your pool cue case, don't keep it in your car, garage, or any other space without climate control. Even in a case, your pool cue will still experience conditions that can cause warping if you do not keep your pool cue case properly stored.

Vertical Cue Racks

If you have a pool room in your home, the best place to keep your cue is on a vertical cue rack. However, only use one of these racks if you have your pool table in an air-conditioned and heated space.

For instance, some people have outdoor pool tables. Don't store your cue outside with the table in this instance. The advice is true if you have a garage pool table. Having a vertical cue rack in your garage or outside puts the cues on it at risk of exposure to temperature extremes. Plus, anything stored outside could have dew, fog, humidity, and rain damage the cue from excessive moisture levels.

Vertical racks allow for either wall-mounted pool cue storage or floor storage. Even in climate-controlled rooms, if you have a space heater or fireplace in your pool room, store your rack away from those heat sources to protect the stored cues.

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