What to Look for When Shopping for a New Pool Table

Posted by ,Oct 1st 2021
What to Look for When Shopping for a New Pool Table

Thinking about getting a new pool table? There are several things that you need to look at other than just the price. You need to consider the size, materials, and accessories, too. Find out how to make the best choice for the way that you play pool by choosing attributes that match your needs.

Pool Table Size and Your Available Space

Pool tables come in a variety of sizes. The most compact sizes, measuring 48 inches long, are typically multigame tables designed for kids to use. These smaller tables are also great for younger ones to learn the basic rules of pool to spark the joy of the game in them.

Larger pool tables for adults include those that measures seven feet for bar-sized tables, eight feet for professional-sized options, and nine-feet for regulation play. The amount of space that you have will dictate the size of table that you need to choose.

Add the table dimensions to the standard cue length, 58 inches, to a six-inch addition for cue movement. This calculation gives you the minimum amount of space that you need for only a pool table. If you want to include seating in the area, you will need additional room.

Surface Material

Surface materials can include slate or engineered wood. Slate provides a tough, smooth surface that will never warp. However, it is extremely heavy and easily damaged when setting up or moving the table. The latter option reduces the weight of the table while still offering a smooth surface. Plus, engineered wood is a great option for those looking for a much lower weight table that is easier to piece together.

Table Accessories

When shopping for a pool table, don’t forget about the pool accessories. You may want to upgrade the cloth, install pool lights over the table, or select a cue rack for storing cues. These extras will accommodate any game needs you have while playing on your new table.

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